Fashion Trends for Spring 2015

Spring is in the air and with that comes blossoms of colour, sunshine and vibrant fun. At Park Boulevard we're featuring the latest spring fashions from designers such as Simon Chang, Komarov, Betty Barclay and Sportalm. Patterns, colours, classy, sporty and feminine are all a part of the fresh trends for spring 2015 in the high fashion world. 

Sportalm 2015 

This spring, Sportalm has unveiled fresh collections inspired by the Hamptons, Blossoms, Adventure, Luck and Romance. 

Sportalm Spring 2015 - Blossom Vert

 Blossom Vert – This collection is about the casual look, combining luxurious and feminine styles. Romantic florals, butterfly motives and geometric patterns enhance the chic effect of the looks. Leather, lace, stretch materials and jersey in colours such as royal blue, sand and mustard, and black and white take centre stage. 


Sportalm Spring 2015 - Hampton's Delight

 Hamptons Delight – High society meets chic. Hamptons Delight is inspired by the glamourous scenery of the New York Hamptons. It's clean, it's chic and elegant with the inspiration from avant-garde details and graphic styles. Shiny metallic fabrics, leather and tween, feminine dresses, glamourous cardigans and delicate blouses lead the way. The purist trend is going back to the basic colours with white, red and blue tones. 



Sportalm Spring 2015 - L'Avventura

 L'Avventura – This collection brings together ethnic and African styles for an exotic and glamourous flair. Feminine looks, sportive-elegant knittings and a range of colour between apricot and mud. Zebra, croc and leopard patterns are hot and metallic, silk, and jersey complete the nature-inspired safari look. 


Sportalm Spring 2015 - Get Lucky

 Get Lucky – Get lucky collection brings monochrome style to the next level. Clear lines, simple cuts, transparency and a touch of glamour modernize the look. Sheer shapes and unique silhouettes get spiced up by adding some Asian inspired elements. Look for prints, motives, stripes, cherry blossoms and unique designs. Metallic fabrics, mesh, chiffon and jacquards add texture for the classy trends. White, silver, citron and blue are popular colours. 


Sportalm Spring 2015 - A Soft Diary

 A Soft Diary – Natural elements and florals appear in a big way this season. It is all about feather and snake prints against a powerful play of colour. Orange is a prominent shade in this collection. Romantic lace garments featuring metallic looks, loose silhouettes, blazers and casual dresses, silk and leather fabrics all work together to create a summery feeling. 




Betty Barclay Spring 2015 

Betty Barclay Spring 2015

 Sporty influences are the name of the game this spring. Technical fabrics, structures, D nets, stripe details, ribbed and mesh fabrics, zips and drawstrings make an appearance. Sporty gets paired with feminine elements such as the elegant spring blouse with easy-going pants, or lace paired with denim. Skirts are popular again this summer, and wide hems give dresses more volume. Trousers stay skinny and feature casual details. Colour is defined by the classic neutrals of black, navy and grey combined with colour accents in red and intense electric blue. Fruit and blossom colours are also popular and you will see rose, vanilla and mint. The range of colours is rounded off by sand and khaki in combination with exotic limes and pinks. 

 We welcome you to visit us at Park Boulevard and have a look at the latest fashions by all your favourite designers.